What Does Your Dermatologist Wish You Knew?

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What are some important points that the dermatologist always wished you knew? Find out below!

Make sure to sleep – always try to factor in seven to eight hours of sleep per day. There are people who sleep less and still look flawless, but this is no reason for you to emulate them. A good rest is called ‘beauty sleep’ for a good reason – it allows your skin to regenerate and repair itself. Most skin problems, breakouts and the like tend to ease up with a good night’s sleep.

Sleep the right way – and when it comes to sleep, you also have to make sure you sleep the right way. Anti wrinkle injections cannot do much for you if you tend to shove your face into your pillow every time you sleep – this is akin to imprinting wrinkles onto your face. Try your best to sleep on your back (facing the ceiling – even sleeping on the side can be a little problematic for half of your face), it does not matter if you end up snoring if you can prevent some wrinkles after all!

It is reduction, not removal – another very good point any dermatologist (and even physician or spa attendant) wished you knew would be the results of any laser or IPL hair removal in Perth. Whilst sometimes marketed as ‘hair removal’ procedures, the truth is that they are officially known and registered as ‘hair reduction’ procedures: what they do is reduce the amount of hair that grows, not completely leave you hairless. Therefore, you should expect a decent reduction of hair, but not a complete removal.

Stop over-washing – over-washing, whether it is about your hair, body or face, is never a boon, but a bane. Too much washing can leave you squeaky clean, yes, but it can also unnecessarily draw away too much moisture from your skin or hair, leaving it dry and parched. This is a good reason for hair fall or breakouts of the skin – the necessary levels of oil are not present to prevent them.

Do not avoid full-body exams – and to conclude, a much more important point any dermatologist would like you to know is that you should have at least one full body check-up by the time you hit age thirty. Do not let the fact that you have to strip down fully naked (you have the gown, but even the underwear must go!) prevent you from taking an exam. There may be moles even you are unaware about, and if these moles are properly examined and looked after, you can easily cure cancer in the early stages – even the deadly melanoma.