The Cacophonous Sound Of Snoring

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At some point in life, everyone has been abruptly awoken in the middle of the night due to the loud, irritating and never ending noise of snoring, be it your friends, siblings or spouse. The noise sometimes becomes so unbearable that you have to wear ear plugs, or sleep in a different room.

Most people are not aware of the fact that they do indeed snore when they sleep, this is mainly due to the fact that their body is used to that pattern of breathing and that sound, but the same cannot be said to the others around them. Snoring can be caused due to sleep deprivation, sleeping in the wrong posture and nasal congestion, all these things affect your airways and block them, hence restricting the smooth inflow and outflow of air. Too many, this may seem like an unimportant thing but in countries like USA, snoring has been the reason for many marital issues. So what are a few possible snoring solutions to curb this menace at bay.

1. Change your sleep position- According to sleep therapy specialist, the first step towards reducing snoring is to sleep on your side rather than lying flat because it will prevent the base of your tongue from touching the back wall of your throat which causes the vibrating sound when sleeping.

2. Avoid alcohol before bed – Alcohol tends to relax the throat muscles and hence allowing it to freely vibrate when you breathe during sleep. Typically you should not drink 4-5 hours before bed.

3. Stick to a ‘sleep schedule’ – Sleep deprivation is another key factor in snoring. When you go to bed late and tired, you tend to breathe more heavily hence forcing vibration in the throat muscles. Try and sleep at the same time or at least for 8 hours in order to avoid this. 

4. Change your pillowcases and sheets regularly- Without our knowledge, pillowcases and sheets tend to entangle allergens and other irritants which could trigger an itching sensation in your throat which could again lead to snoring. Pet owners are especially advised to change sheets frequently as fur in known to carry tones of dust mites.

5. Drink lots of water – when the body is dehydrated, the mucous layer in the nasal passage tends to get sticky and irritating. Drinking fluids will keep these passages lubricated and drastically reduce the snoring effects.

The above snoring solutions are not guaranteed to work for everyone, if snoring persists its best to consult a doctor as you may have ‘Sleep Apnea’ which is a more aggressive type of snoring. Using these tips, your sleeping experience will definitely benefit and improve for the others too.