Perfecting Imperfections

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We are all human, we are not expected to be flawless. Many of us have certain pitfalls in our personality, while others have physical flaws. As kids, no one really pays attention to your flaws but moving into your teenage years, being self-conscious of your appearance is natural.

Being a teenager can be a tough job at times, people who are jealous of you will make fun of you, using your physical flaws, be it crooked teeth or the size of your nose. Many people cannot handle being constantly bullied and carry this pain and insecurity into their adulthood.

As adults, the first instinct would be to fix the problem. There are two ways that can happen; most often people who are bullied go for therapy sessions at a psychologist who helps them come out of the shame and fear, by giving them a safe environment to reveal all their hidden emotions. The other option is to go for cosmetic surgery to repair the imperfections.

Cosmetic surgery is a rather diverse field of medicine, with solutions for almost every physical aspect. Issues like crooked teeth and oddly shaped noses can easily be repaired through dental implants and rhinoplasty. Through Cosmetic surgery, problems such as excess fat and wrinkled skin too can be treated through liposuction and Botox injections. Whatever the physical flaw is, in most occasions it can be repaired, allowing people to feel more confident in their appearance than before.

Although cosmetic surgery may seem like the answer, not all surgeries are affordable, things like dental implants are affordable even to the average joe, but procedures such as liposuction and rhinoplasty cost a significant amount of money. For most people who have suffered a lot, early on in life, money is no object and they just want to have the problem fixed in which case, cosmetic surgery is the way to go.

Some individuals harbor a negative image towards cosmetic surgery and claim that whoever undergoes a cosmetic enhancement is a coward for not embracing their true appearance. In my opinion it is not right for people to make such claims. The anxiety that certain people feel about their looks is something that members in society won’t understand and hence can’t make that decision for you. The men and women who undergo cosmetic procedures are aware of the possible side effects and aware of the costs before making the decision and so they shouldn’t be condemned for their action.

We live in an ever advancing world, where people are constantly in a race against each other, if solutions exist for you to overcome your problems and get ahead in life, it should be seized and made use of.