All You Need To Know About Influenza And Its Vaccinations

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Influenza is one such serious disease which often leads to hospitalization and can even cause death. Not all flu season is same, since the influenza virus is said to change every year, and infection of influenza affects people differently in different seasons. Every year hundreds of people die due to flu and thousands of people get hospitalized by getting infected with it.

Especially during the season of flu, organisations and businesses tend to go through huge losses because of the sick leave and unplanned absences of the employees, leading to reduced productivity. Because of these reasons, it becomes necessary to get flu vaccinations every year. If you are seriously looking for combating your losses, then think of corporate flu vaccination service providers without any doubt.

Adelaide has some of the largest flu shots providers. The employees will also feel glad to see their company really thinks of the well-being of its workers. The vaccine service providers are well known for providing cost-effective and convenient shots based organisations for ensuring employees remain fit and healthy throughout the year.

• They take care of all sorts of paperwork and scheduling.

• The vaccine providers consist of a team of vaccination specialist nurses.

• They distribute promotional materials for free to involve maximum participation of people.

Symptoms of influenza

Influenza is contagious and is caused by the flu viruses. The flu is quite different from common cold as it comes suddenly. Some of the symptoms to look out for:

• Sore throat

• Cough

• Fever (not everyone will have a fever)

• Headaches

• Stuffy or runny nose

• Body or muscle aches

• Fatigue

• Vomiting and diarrhoea ( mostly seen among children)

Types of flu vaccines

There are two types of flu vaccines which are widely available: quadrivalent (4- component) and trivalent (3- component).


• Quadrivalent flu shots are approved for different age groups.

• It is mainly approved for people of 18 to 64 years of age.

• A quadrivalent flu shot contains virus which are grown in cell culture, and is approved for children of 4 years and more.


• A high-dose trivalent shot, which is approved mainly for the people who are above 65 years old.

• A recombinant trivalent shot which is free of eggs, and is mainly approved for the people of 18 years and above.

• A trivalent flu shot prepared with adjuvant (an ingredient used in the vaccine for creating a better immune response in the patient’s body).